Rogue Universe

Rogue Universe

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  • - Required Android: 10+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 12, 2018


Rogue Universe is brought to you by a team of artists and developers who won the Unreal Dev Grant in early 2018.

The Unreal Dev Grant was created by Epic Games to help fund projects using Unreal Engine 4.

With high-quality graphics in the palm of your hands, Rogue Universe will transport you into an immersive mobile strategy game set in space.

In the ‘universe year’ 1983, a new era of inter-dimensional travel has become a reality. Advances in technology have further advanced civilization, but this has also brought conflict between the worlds.

Three powerful groups have formed, each having its own special agenda for the future of the universe. Which one will you join?

Venture through the universe, building up your mothership and fleet. Using all available materials at your disposal, plan and strategize the best way to become the strongest and conquer the universe!

Rogue Universe Features:
· Enjoy the vibrant comic-style storyline drawn by top artists with experience in Marvel, DC, and Disney
· Gain the trust of the 3 different factions: U.N.S, Black Flag, or Zurich Bank
· Over 10 unique characters to choose from, and the ability to recruit more as the game progresses
· Explore the vast universe straight from your mothership.
· Need a change of scenery? Freely move bases, or even motherships to a different area of space and continue exploring the depths of the universe.
· Expand your power and influence by building, customizing, and upgrading your mothership and crew
· Construct, Reinforce, Stabilize, and Dismantle your ships to further strengthen them
· Low on resources? Send your crew on various missions to gather resources and further expand your fleet.
· Join a guild or create your own and help each other succeed.
· Enjoy fighting? Try your luck in both in-game PVP and PVE
· Create alliances with countless users through this MMO and go into battle
· Strategic Elements: Plan your moves ahead of time to ensure the biggest success

What are you waiting for? The universe is waiting

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