Rogue vs Slav: Roguelike Dungeon

Rogue vs Slav: Roguelike Dungeon

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  • Required Android: Varies with device
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  • Published/Updated Date: February 7, 2020


Rogue vs Slav: Roguelike Dungeon is a epic cyber slavic dungeon rpg game free in the roguelike genre.

Rogue vs Slav is one of a new action rpg about rogue. One of the hard games in the roguelike ricochet genre.

Rogue vs Slav is one of a roguelike games free rpg with endless dungeons, slavic monsters and boss fight. All dungeons are uniquely generated.

You'll like a dynamic action rpg designed in the roguelike and ricochet genre.
Dozens of dungeons apocalypse filled with unique loot and slavic monsters.

The Rogue vs Slav: Roguelike Dungeon has a lot of heroes for whom you can play: Cyber Bogatyr Slav, comrade Red Alert, Voodoo, Beorn and Bronislaw.

These super Slavs are able to fight rogue.The Rogue vs Slav dungeon game has many boss against whom you will fight .

The roguelike game includes the traditional of the genre, such as rpg games, epic games, level up games, hero games, action games. Use unique ricochet mechanics with two bullets. It will be a hard game!

The Rogue vs Slav game includes elements of rpg roguelike genre, such as character upgrade and exploring the world around them.

Roguelike is characterized permanent death of the player-character. Everything is generated during the rpg game. You will never get two identical dungeons!
Each weapon is unique: Russian doll, Electric bow, Cyber twins, Rifle.

Rogue vs Slav: Roguelike Dungeon Features:
- Classic rogue rpg roguelike games.
- Unique cyber Slavic setting rpg offline.
- Level up your squad and gain skills!
- Endless action rpg. A new dungeon every time.
- A big weapons arsenal. Collect weapons and parts for him.
- Ricochet games element. Only 2 bullets.
- Slav heroes: Cyber Bogatyr, Red Alert, Voodoo, Beorn and Bronislaw.
- Unique dungeon rogues: Kikimors, Spiders and other cyber monsters.

You have only two bullets and a horde of enemies. Pick up the bullet after the shot and continue to clear dungeon from the rogue step by step.
At each level Rogue vs Slav Roguelike the Bogatyr hero meets new types of enemies. The location ends with an boss battle rpg. Complete all Roguelike levels in the dungeon of an alternative future!
Rpg games, role playing adventures, boss battle, action, a dangerous dungeon and only two bullet are waiting for you in a new roguelike game Rogue vs Slav!

Choose your cyber Slavic hero for the rogue battle.

- Hero CyberBogatyr
Professional soldier. He spent half his life in the army. Cyber-Bogatyr received a head injury, and a metal plate was installed instead of his brain.

- Red Alert
The first Soviet comrade android woman. Red Alert is covered with thin but especially strong armor.

- Beorn
A mutated bear that once fell victim to an explosion at a nuclear power plant. Fast and armored.

- Voodoo
Crazy genius and formidable sorcerer Voodoo. Voodoo independently replaced several parts of his body with robo-augmentation.

- Bronislaw
Chained in a giant exoskeleton. It moves slowly but compensates for this with a huge reserve of armor.

Start a dynamic roguelike ricochet Rogue vs Slav game in RPG dungeon. You'll like classic rpg roguelike games.

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