Romantic Saga - The Idle Novel RPG

Romantic Saga - The Idle Novel RPG

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  • - Required Android: Varies with device
  • - Installs: 100+
  • - Published/Updated Date: August 18, 2021


Infinite Dungeon Idle RPG
Let's go for Romantic Sage with explosive sensibility!
A lot of benefits await you at the first entrance.

★ A scenario to read and enjoy like a novel.
# Is there a game in the novel? Is there a novel in the game?

★ Action to feel the satisfaction of all five senses.
# 3D Infinite Dungeon Idle RPG
# Various screens due to rapid weather changes and visual effects

★ Move forward even if I don't connect.
# Infinite battles that go on without access.

★ Every dungeon.
# Daily, weekly, monthly events and benefit dungeons.

★ Retro sensitivity system to revive forgotten emotions.
# Power Gauge Skills Activation

★ Automatic play that looks like you're good at nothing really.
# With Auto Skill, everyone can challenge to the top

★ Is this a idle game? Is it an action RPG game?
# Skills that can make you stronger than anyone else with effffort.
★ Mobile and web at the same time~
# Provide a variety of access environments that you can enjoy on the web.

★ Do you want to have strong power?
# Opportunities to improve capabilities through production and reinforcement of 1,000 items

★ Unlimited Free Item Exchange
# Autonomous item exchange trading with various resources(additional resources will be updated)

★ If you play the game in order, everyone is a master.
# When you start a game and read a novel, the characters are automatically generated.
# Automatic battle to target dungeon.
# Get items by return
# Specify skill auto-scheduling
# You're going to use the materials you've acquired from the return.
# You can obtain rare material items through the event dungeon.
# Level up faster when connected to the web!
# We play the game while looking at about 100 scenarios.
# You can obtain items through the exchange.
# For fast gameplay, you can obtain special feature items at the store.
# With skill activation reservation, you can activate the desired skill according to the situation.
# When the SCP skill is invoked, additional effects can be obtained by specifying the linked skill.
# You can feel various weather changes in the dungeon.

◆ Instructions for setting up permissions for game services ◆

**Required access

1) Storage space
: Access to devices, photos, media, files
- This permission is required to install games or to save/load game data.
If you allow permission, install games or save data in external memory.
(We do not access your photos and files.)

2) Making and Managing Calls
- Use to identify your device.

**Selective Access

1) Location
- Used by a location-based service to send player location information to provide a recommendation date for player friends around you.

2) Camera
- Using camera features to capture screenshots and boast images in the game.

* You can use the app even if you don't agree with the selective access.

◆ How to revoke access
- Operating System 6.0 or later : Settings > Application Manager > App Selection > Permission > Access Revocation Available
- Operating system below 6.0 : You can't withdraw access, you can withdraw it by deleting the app.

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