Run Baby Run - Movie Game

Run Baby Run - Movie Game

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  • - Required Android: Varies with device
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: October 8, 2021


Run Baby Run is the forthcoming most thrilling survival game full of adventure and fun on the go! This is the gateway to an unexplored and exotic world where you will unravel many secrets and mysteries to survive.

Get set for a whimsical expedition of the girl searching for her lost puppy, Oreo. You must learn to exploit the situation and make bold and daring choices if you ever wish to escape and find your way to the puppy. Play your way to the unexpected dangers, surprises, and odd creatures to craft your endurance style. Each level demands your IQ and bravery to solve the scenario.

Make it to the head that only the smartest will solve these levels crafted for a satisfying and adventuresome playtime experience. Most tricky and uncompromising game levels full of troubles, threats, strange creatures, and much more astonishing rivals for you to think and act.

Game features:

1. Exploration and survival: You get no one to help. You, as the player and fighter, thrive to survive.

2. Multiple choices: Every level is unique. Each of them presents you with multiple options- Choose the correct answer to proceed or get ready to get wiped away!

3. Playful and outstanding visuals: 3D characters and dramatically themed set up to guide you to a unique wonderland of mysteries.

4. Simple yet breathtaking game play: A mere and strong game play that will never leave you to disappoint. Different challenges at each level making you stump for a second.

5. Game play=Ads: Our Ads are honest to the game play! Expect nothing less than the Ads we serve.

6. A game for all ages: Hesitate not to take your friends and family to spring in for fun and venture. They are going to absolutely LOVE the game! Who doesn't like something to spice up their lives?

7. An addicting game with connected levels: This authentic movie game gives you a great gaming experience with a perfect blend of puzzle and brain teaser levels.

Stay in and feel the contentment of solving the most hazardous and stimulating movie game that you can't find a close match. Whether you are searching for puzzled up levels, brainteasers, or tricky tests, you have landed at the right place!

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