Sabertooth Tiger Ice Adventure

Sabertooth Tiger Ice Adventure

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  • - Required Android: 5+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 13, 2018


Sabertooth Tiger Ice Adventure: Dino Legend Quest - an exciting adventure of a sabertooth tiger at the brutal times of an Ice Age. The legend says: somewhere in ice jungle, there is a dinosaur egg - the last one left on a huge island. This egg is hidden in great mountains where no one dares to go. What secret does this mysterious place have? Start your exciting adventure in the cold and dangerous surroundings of ice age nature and reveal the truth!

???? Dinos are already extinct. Or not?
Prehistoric tiger is on his survival journey, trying to find the legendary egg. Explore the snowy land, meet new friends and get back home safe and sound. Let's see if you can learn everything about the island legend and meet the last dino on the earth!

???? Long adventure with 5 fun mini games
Discover 5 fantastic mini-games: matching, puzzle, hidden object game, tower defense, and even bowling! Unlock them gradually with every location and move towards to the clue of the story.

???? Special missions and quests
Find and explore 5 fantastic locations - each of them has unique quests. Complete them to get precious rewards and bonuses, collect various items of the stone age era and meet new friends!

???? Reveal the secret of this island
Discover the biggest volcano on this land! Be careful - it can hide some danger. Are you brave enough to look inside?

???? Unlock skins and even pets
Get crystals to unlock unique skins for your tiger and get your own little helpers, like butterflies, birds, dragons and more.

???? Meet wild animals of the brutal age
Mammoth, cave lion, deer, giant beaver, bull, and other animals live on the island and can share some valuable knowledge which helps you on your way. Use this information wisely!

???? Find mysterious dinosaur totems
5 mighty dinos reigned on the island some time ago. Who were they and what happened? Discover 5 totems and let them lead you to the legendary place!

Sabertooth Tiger Ice Adventure: Dino Legend Quest


The entire story in 5 chapters - enjoy the flow and reveal the secret;
Combination of best game genres - try them all;

Lively interactive locations - collect everything and meet anyone;

Exciting adventure at the ice age times - truly fascinating experience.

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