Scary Magician Teacher: Horror Teacher Game

Scary Magician Teacher: Horror Teacher Game

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: April 7, 2020


This spooky teacher game is about a scary magician teacher who lives in an abandoned horror school and has captured some students which she uses to do magic on.

The scary magician teacher is teaching them evil magic and is keeping them against their will, making them do her evil teacher tasks.

You have to free the students and defeat the evil scary teacher in this scary spooky teacher game.

So, we start off outside the horror abandoned school of scary magician teacher, our ball has gone inside the horror school, we have to go inside the school gate to get the ball, find a key somewhere on the floor near the gate and open the door, go to the ball and suddenly u hear a spooky noise of scary neighbor magician teacher from inside the scary school. You then go inside the school and look around and find a torch on the floor, pick it up and turn it on , find a wand on floor and pick it up in this scary spooky teacher game. Then go to the basketball court inside the spooky horror school, and look around, you find a kid hiding there, he tells u about the scary magician teacher who kidnaps kids and does evil magic on them. Then he tells that scary magician teacher took his powers. He then teaches you a spell, so u can defeat the scary magician teacher and rescue kids from this scary horror school in this scary spooky teacher game. Practice spell by hitting and destroying some objects in the room. You have to then leave the court and as u are walking u see a class open and the scary magician teacher making the kids do evil spooky magic, u have to steal some wands on the table and run, make sure they don’t see u. Go to library and find evil magician students, use spell to destroy their wands and free them of the spell, so they become normal again. Now go to scary magician teacher room, scary magician teacher is roaming around so be careful not to be seen and then steal her evil book of spooky spells from her room, and then leave room without being seen in this scary spooky teacher game. Now Use book to learn new spell of fire, then go to a bathroom to find a key hidden somewhere in the bathroom, avoid being seen by teacher roaming around and go to locker room and find the locker for the key and get a special wand, avoid scary magician teacher roaming around. Now go to a class where scary magician teacher has some students locked, free them and escape spooky horror school , go to basketball court where u find scary magician teacher standing , face her in final battle , use fire spell to defeat her and win in this spooky teacher game.
So what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW! And play this addictive horror game of scary magician teacher.
Scary Magician Teacher: Horror Teacher Game Features:

1. Easy and smooth Controls.
2. Highly detailed scary school and evil magician teacher.
3. Spooky horror theme
4. Challenging levels to beat scary teacher.

Let’s see how if u have what it takes to survive in “Scary Magician Teacher: Horror Teacher Game”: Enjoy the most anticipated scary teacher game of 2020!

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