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  • - Required Android: 5+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 15, 2018


Similars It's so easy at the beginning of the climb, but soon you may experience some memory failure.

Why can´t you remember what you saw a few seconds ago?
How can it be so difficult, when Similars is such an easy game to play?

◾ Select an item.
◾ Select all items that look the same as the first item.
◾ Continue with the next type until all is gone.

There are a few problems, of course. They not only look similar, sometimes they hide behind each other or a wall.
You have to rotate and search.
Time is running away…

Similars Feature :
◾ Think fast and keep calm.
◾ Climb all twenty levels to the top. Then do it again. Even faster!
◾ Match your own record times and compare with other players.
◾ Statistics and ranking list for each level.
◾ World Ranking List for Successful Climbing.
◾ Landscape or portrait mode.
◾ Absolutely free to play
◾ Optional video ads and optional in-app purchases available.

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