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The struggle between the light and the dark world turns into a sinful fairy tale.

Why did Little Red Hood lose herself and kill friends because of jealousy?
Do you know why Belle keeps her beloved Petrification by her side?
Who made Rapunzel so desperate to ruin her love by herself?
What kind of betrayal made Dorothy completely sacrifice her original self?
What did Alice eat?
What opportunity made Irene want to be loved but couldn't believe it?
Have you ever seen the arrogant thumb princess born under turmoil?

[Subvert the original world view of fairy tales]
A sister and brother become masters of different worlds, holding their own beliefs, and clinging to what is right in their hearts.
Aurora-In order to save her younger brother, heading for adventure, never back down but is involved in a war between light and darkness.
Jura-The darkness erodes the soul, threatens to destroy the world, and even attacks her sister to serve the dark forces.

[Millennium forbidden fairy tales, liberation of evil desires]
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, each color has its own princess, and every princess also has its own dark side, waiting for players to discover.
Nearly a hundred characters have their own stories, continue original fairy tales, create a world view of new fairy tale, waiting for players to collect and unlock.

[Multiplayer real-time online battle]
No matter how many people to defeat giants, defeat witches, or conquer the devil corporately;
Still relying on own to defeat other people, and guild members to win the occupation of Steel City, all waiting for players to prove their abilities.

[Three growth lines of the game, the only unique character in sculpture]
Personal growth, upgrade the growth factors such as diligent back ornaments, fairies, angel stones, etc.

The guilds help each other and work together with guild members to get the necessary upgrade energy.

Team formation, cultivating summoned beasts, collecting light power, and upgrading runes can all make the team stronger.

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