Siren Head Forest Survival- creepy horror escape

Siren Head Forest Survival- creepy horror escape

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: September 25, 2021


Are you a horror games Lover?

Let’s play ghost haunting siren head in forest to make your head fearless and united with this Siren Head Forest Survival- creepy horror escape.

Are you one of those player who likes Scary Neighbor Games, Scary Granny Evil or Horror clown Death Park? But wait Siren Head Forest Survival- creepy horror escape is best from all of these games and evil nun too.
Game started with a student’s camping in jungle in their free time from study. But Wait! It’s not just the forest camping story. Story begins from a horrified night in jungle. All students are happy with their camping, but not the siren heads who didn’t like anybody to come in their haunted places. You are one of the student (Player) who lost all his/her friends in a night incident during camping in jungle. Now you are all alone and the only survival having no help from outside. This would be a forest survival for you. Because you find yourself alone in the forest, searching for some help. Don’t be afraid much more go to radio station for help, it’s not the ending of the story of this creepy horror game. You have to be careful for your survival because all of sudden siren heads are a little bit far away from you. They would chase you and would cause death of you in this survival games offline. It’s not the easy escape. It is one of most dangerous horror escape in this horror game.
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The subject round siren head growing the horror environment. So discover a manner to kill this horrifying creature and discover the loophole with inside the caves of the forest for your help and survival in this ghost hunting scary game. You are the only hope of life in this escape game. Find clues of united siren heads and combat towards to get away from the haunted Forest after locating the reality from the clutches of this terrible enemy Scary Siren head.
So, do now no longer get killed by siren heads. You have handiest five days in any other case they'll kill you. So keep away from being tucked with inside the fear and grow to be fearless in ghost game.
Siren Head listen to all your movements, but you can hide and deceive them and can find a way out of forest by controlling your fear. If you need to revel in a revel in of fantasy, horror, and fun, play now " Siren Head Forest Survival- creepy horror escape". The movement and the shouts are guaranteed.

Features of Siren Head forest survival: Survival games are
• Realistic High quality graphics
• Realistic scary sound effects
• Challenging puzzles
• Amazing storyline
Siren Head forest survival: Survival games is scary. Do not enter if you are below 16.
This game is for adults.
Play now for huge fun with enjoy this new Siren Head Forest Survival- creepy horror escape.

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