Siren Head : Remastered

Siren Head : Remastered

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  • - Required Android : 5.0 and up
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  • - Published Date : 2021/02/14
  • - Categorie : Adventure

So, the office has been shut down for a while, which is why, I'm very bored.

My friends told me to hunt in the Black Forest, as they usually go hunting there.

I thought about it, couldn't decide then consulted my wife. Surprisingly, she agreed! Still, the idea of hunting in the Black Forest doesn't seem right to me.

Maybe it's just... Nothing!

Anyway, I'm gonna get my sniper rifle. I have to get there as soon as possible!

Who is Siren Head?
Siren Head, who is sometimes called Lamp Head (occasionally written as Sirenhead or Siren-Head and Lamphead or Lamp-Head) and by many other names.

is a hostile cryptid and urban legend created by the Canadian horror artist "Trevor Henderson".

Siren Head is around 40 meters tall and seems to suffer from an extreme form of undernourishment, as implied by the rest of its body.

Siren Head's feet look skeletal, covered with mummified skin.

Siren Head is a weird creature which extremely dangerous for everyone! As its head suggests, it can make loud siren noises.

Siren Head is a tall mysterious humanoid creature that is known for its odd appearance and the various sounds that emanate out of its head, which consists of a metallic pole with sirens attached to it.

Siren Head is a very aggressive, monstrous and skilled predator, which makes it very dangerous.

It seems to have some degree of intelligence due to using tactics such as camouflaging within forests and mimicking sounds like voices to hide from and lure its prey.

Siren Head Remastered is the creepiest monster of all the time!

Siren Head monster has already killed many people in the Black Forest.

Sometimes, Siren Head Remastered monster disappears in the streets or Black Forest and converts himself into a street-lamp.

Then, Siren Head Remastered turns himself again into deadly, horrifying zombie monster!

Siren Head Remastered monster makes a loud a noise in Black Forest that makes everyone sick!

Siren Head monster is the most dangerous creature in Black Forest. Siren Head's noise is so annoying that nobody can sleep at all in Black Forest.

Siren Head monster can throw objects easily in Black Forest. No doubt, he is back with a new terrifying look in Black Forest!

Now you have to kill Siren Head Remastered! Never become a coward while you're in a battlefield in Black Forest!

Things take time to settle down in Black Forest. You have to be careful while your are hunting that Siren Head beast in Black Forest.

Siren Head can smell his enemy from a very far distance in Black Forest!

Siren Head Remastered is an animal that does not feel pity for its prey in Black Forest! No one has been able to defeat Siren Head monster in Black Forest.

Let's see what happens with Siren Head monster in Black Forest!

It is very difficult to avoid the Siren Head monster because, Siren Head monster do not feel pity in Black Forest!

Try to defeat Siren Head monster in Black Forest. Now the only hope we have is just you!

Siren Head Remastered has the following key features:
☆You are going to use a sniper rifle to kill that monster.
☆Your primarily job is going to hunt in the Black Forest.
☆You can also use a map to find out your destiny.
☆You have limited amount of bullets, so use them wisely.
☆The controls are quite smooth and simple.
☆No Lag during gameplay.
☆High End Graphics.

☆This game contains ads.
FPS game mode.

☆Use a headset for the best experience.
☆You should be at least 12 years old to play this game.
☆Internet permission is required in order to display ads.
☆Each update will bring new content and improvements based on your comments.

"Siren Head : Remastered" is the best scary horror game of 2021.
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