Skid Car Rally Race (Unreleased)

Skid Car Rally Race (Unreleased)

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  • Required Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 10+
  • Published/Updated Date: February 8, 2019


In the storm world, skid rally is on top of the line. Skid car rally racer game is on the globe dirt racing for Final champion challenge.

For multiple drifting races, a strong storm carries rolling track is prepared. Skiddy rally racers are jumping and running to the dirt chase line.

The on runner cars are at their fast racing channels, enjoying power on the driving art. Let’s continue with a faster pace to beat global track monster. YOU will be the King of skid car rally road drifting contest if you have skills.

Unseen and Inexperienced Round Race
The off-road car driving skid storm has approached various tremendous unseen and newly built racing environment. Skidded rally racers enjoy unbeatable long traveling on 4 master environments. The distribution of dirt race rolling track is in:
• City
• Desert
• Snowy
• Dusty

Racer’s Best-Branded Cars
With the opening of branded car workshop, 8 fast riding cars are lined up and will be selected on the rider choice. Cars are categorized at road rally race game with names as Mastery, Temper, Umbra, Cosmos, Expedition, Millennium, Majesty and Buffalo.

The Complexion of Rally Car Drifting and Racing
Skid car rally racer is a real-time multi-player drift Chase competition with a complexity of driving levels (in next update). Skid storm challenge is differently described in each stage of the game. Like road global running paths, 4 stages are offered and the dead adventure racer is free to Jump in each level of each stage frequently, depending upon the power of meeting the cross line.

Skid dirt race, the professional art
Skid storm racing is like the thunderstorm of legends in the Grand fierce race of expert riders. The professional of driving art can only qualify for kinship. Cars rally racer and multi-driver rides require a really experienced racing car driver to control the vehicles on sharp and twisting turns, slippery tracks and jumping hurdles.

Fast Theme Oriented Championship
Said storm Chase rally game is not an ordinary flat game, multi-player skiddy championship is theme oriented from drifting to racing.

Gameplay Guidelines
A tutorial option is given to training the fast riding learners. The whole information from driving, overtake, dead jumps and crossing the target is instructed through guideline facility.

Rush Motorcar Thrilling Chase Round
To play the game is a little bit tricky. As the rally Storm is replete with a rush car running, thrilling sounds and awesome adventurous playing criteria. All the extreme speed lovers are welcome to join another furious party to make a real fighting zone.

Self-made Nitro Tank Filling
Boost up the racing speed with auto magic fuel injection. Nitro depends upon on your drifting with the speed power and accelerator to move the rally car with new enthusiasm.

Reward Pertaining skid racing
Avail more chances to have a ride of untouched cars and exciting locations from the collection of all death tracks with the winning of rewards and gems. Unlock them, which are forbidden for you.

Some more features of rally car race
• Invitation to your partners
• Ranking on leaderboard
• Single and Multi player (Coming Soon)

See How to Play
It’s not at all difficult to play

➢ Play for first stage
➢ Click right or left button to move the car respectively
➢ Jump to cross barriers

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