Slenderman 2 : Creepy

Slenderman 2 : Creepy

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  • - Required Android : 5.1 and up
  • - Total Installs : 1+
  • - Published Date : Jan 24, 2023
  • - Categorie : Adventure

Never look back Slenderman always follows you in this FPS Scary Horror Game ..

Always pursue you and never turn around, Slenderman 2. The tale of a girl who attempted to produce a Slenderman 2 documentary but left without returning.

Her family members call 911 with a complaint. Find the Slenderman in the shadowy jungle, but watch out for him.

Never give up even when you have endless nightmares. Find Slenderman's Origin in a terrifying jungle.

Play hide-and-seek with Slenderman 2 as much as you can. This is the scariest horror FPS game ever, and we always work to provide you the finest possible horror gaming experience.

Success requires both order and silence. To avoid detection and avoid death, try to be stealthy and silent. This is wrong.

You will be caught by the Slender Man and killed.

He's a horror! Not even a weapon will be able to stop him. This sadist will hunt you down and lure you into his trap once he locates you.

Slenderman 2 : Creepy THE GAME:
Explore the dark passages, soggy hallways, gloomy forests, and deserted streets, passing by old tombs, looming trees, and abandoned homes.

Pay special attention to what you hear and see.

Features include the best voice acting and gorgeous, lifelike graphics. Playing with headphones is advised!
- The need to discover, conceal, and survive.
- The possibility to complete the adventure without using the Internet and in English.
- The exciting plot about a crazed, evil SLENDER MAN that will make you afraid.
- The need to hide and persevere.
- Original puzzles that need quick thinking and action.
- Free offline horror video games.

Part 3:-
(Slender man 3 coming soon)