SOS Origin

SOS Origin

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  • - Required Android: 10+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 19, 2018


The third version of the S.O.S (Shadow Of Soul) series ‘Origin’

Creator "Lu" looks forward to the harmony between light and darkness,
Thus in the real world, it not so easy to find out the harmony that why the war began.

However, because of love and hate can be more powerful than we think,
When Castiel who try to recalls his lover Melissa from the Dark war.

In the light and dark war that the creator "Lu" also avoids After that,
Castiel defeated the dark emperor Beelzebub to retrieve
the soul of Melissa and lead the war to victory!!

[Game Features]
▣ Cool and exciting action! ▣
Immediately burst into the battlefield, none cool-down, and the sensational movement.
Just waiting for you to prove it!

▣ Everyone can enjoy! ▣
Simple operation, clear interface, and automatic functions.
Whether a game master or rookie can fully enjoy the game!

▣ Clean graphics, low-specific games ▣
It's a nice graphic, and adjust to achieve the best display and quality in any device!

▣ Feel free to play without any billing ▣
In the game, you also earn a lot of game coins, then return to the essence of the game, and enjoy the game!

[Game content]
▣ Dungeon ▣
Based on the worldview of S.O.S, the content of the story mode can be divided into three difficulty levels and six themes. The total is composed of 1800 backgrounds. The experience value can be obtained by completing each background that made your hero grows up faster.

▣ Unlimited challenge ▣
Dealing with infinitely generated monsters, you can get a lot of souls, by testing what level of content you have grown up, and competing with users around the world through ranking boards!

▣ PVP ▣
Compete with users of a similar level to their heroes, launch strategic battles through the fighters and Asselin's Tag, and decide on the SOS to select the best hero content through ranking cards. Compete with users around the world for real-time ranking!

▣ Raid ▣
Different BOSS appears every day, and elemental rewards are available upon completion. Continue to defeat the powerful BOSS every time you finish!!

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