Species Evolution - Artificial Grow Life Simulator

Species Evolution - Artificial Grow Life Simulator

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: February 20, 2021


Species Evolution: Artificial Grow Life Simulator 3D is a game where you develop your creatures either in survival mode or in sandbox mode.

Choose whose side you are on: Herbivores Predators
If you want - make your kind a fast predator, let your creatures eat their rivals. Or make your creatures huge herbivores that will resist any predator. They will act without your help, they use their artificial intelligence.

Species Evolution is in your hands.

Get Evolution Points!
Earn EP and distribute evolution life points wisely. It is your main resource for adapting your species evolution to the circumstances of the world.

Upgrade the characteristics of creatures
What will be more important at the moment?

Improve the characteristics so that your species can successfully survive in a hostile environment. And they can only rely on their artificial intelligence. Even better — so that the number of creatures constantly increases. Like in real Grow Life Simulator 3D.

Survival mode
In this mode you will fight for food, evolution life and a place in the sun with 2 more types of creatures. For each newborn creature, you will earn evolution life points and spend them on characteristics.

And periodically you will be faced with a choice that will change the development of the whole species evolution — to become a predator or herbivore; have unique properties or stay with what we have now. Your choice will depend on how your enemies are developing.

Sandbox mode
In this Grow Life Simulator 3D you have complete freedom of activity that rely on their artificial intelligence — at the end of each day, you can change the characteristics of your creatures and watch how this affects the population of the species.

What could be more interesting?

Primer Research
We all love the blogger Primer for his research on the effect of various characteristics on the survival of a species. Now you have the opportunity not only to watch his video, but also to stage experiments yourself in Grow Life Simulator.
Create a supportive environment 

Become the master of your own evolution life. Take care of your charges. The fate of the whole species evolution is in your hands!  Keep track of birth rate, control hunger, survive! Help a new life form conquer this planet

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