Squid Challenge - survival game

Squid Challenge - survival game

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Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3 … Can you win this mysterious survival competition?
Imagine you are invited to compete in a Squid Challenge Game - a series of childhood-style games that promises a massive cash prize ????????????, but it turns out to be a tragic twist, and the rule becomes clear: Win the game or you will lose your life. You soon realize playing the Squid Challenge is the only chance to survive and win the money. Would you stand up and compete to save your life? ⌛

???? Squid Challenge ???? is a survival game inspired by the original film series and the popular childhood classic game Red Light Green Light it features. If you enjoy tag running games or hide and seek games, this app could bring you a wholesome joy!

⚠️ Remember when you were a kid playing a similar nostalgic back-to-school game? Run on “green” and freeze on “red”. If you get caught moving by the statue when it turns around, the game will start over again. You will need to survive to win the game, and become the first person to “tag” the statue before it catches you!

???? Game Features ????
⭐ Simple touch controls for a smooth gaming experience
⭐ Unique maps with increasing levels of difficulty
⭐ Both single-player and bot versus mode
⭐ Statue tag 3D gameplay
⭐ Compatible with multiple devices (phone and tablet)

???? Survival Tips ????
Listen carefully to the commands and run as fast as possible to the finish line before time runs out. You are allowed to move forward only when the voice says “green light” and the Devil Doll’s back is turned, but stop moving immediately and hold still when the “red light" begins or you will be “eliminated”. You can run, jump, or do whatever to reach the finish line first and save your life. Be sneaky and try not to get caught by the red light!

???? Would you accept the invitation to play this children’s game? Join now and share the endless fun with your friends ❗❗❗~

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