Squishy Coloring Magic 3D Art Coloring Toys Maker

Squishy Coloring Magic 3D Art Coloring Toys Maker

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  • - Published/Updated Date: June 4, 2021


Introducing our latest Anti-Stress squishy magic game, 3D Squishy DIY toys kawaii soft stress release games - a popular anti stress toys now in your phone.

Bad mood? Want to calm your nerves? Here is the simplest antidepressant in the form of an application.

This is an incredibly soothing anti stress toys in the Japanese style, which is able to undergo incredible "torment" in the form of squeezing with hands, and then quickly restore its original look. They are so pleasant to the touch, soft, resembling non-sticky Marshmallow, and they need to be pressed, squeezed, crushed! It's nice! And then watch how they smoothly take their original shape.
In our simulator kawaii you will find real 3D squishy models, in which the physics of depression is close to a real kawaii toys. Panda, unicorn, cat burger, ice cream, Cake unicorn, and other toys will reassure you.

Create cute soft DIY toys, choose their shape, color, and texture, collect your own unique designs and enjoy the ultimate squishing experience! Rotate your 3D design while coloring, choose your favorite color from an endless number of options and don’t forget to paint every part of your toy!

This popular squishies application is very similar to the lick - it will help you to remove the accumulated stress. The selected characters can be rotated and very funny to squeeze like an antistress ball. Squishy jumbo - very cute game. Characters will publish a variety of cool sounds that will help you get distracted from the problems. Distracted from study or work, cheer up - press your finger, squeeze the toy, and it will straighten out thanks to the excellent work of physics of the game, which is very similar to slime diy.

What is squishy?
Squishy are soft and pleasant to the touch toys that are designed to be wrinkled in your hands. These toys come in different shapes and sizes: they come in the form of different figures, characters and objects. Once crumpled in the hand, they quickly return to their original shape and retain their attractive appearance for a long time.
When an adult or a child crumples such a toy in his hands, he gets incomparable pleasure. Such actions have a positive effect on the development of fine motor skills of the fingers, and the presence of objects with such a consistency in the hands soothes, allows you to completely relax, get rid of negative thoughts and relieve nervous tension and fatigue after school, a working day.

How to play:
- Find a toy store, choose your favorite toy style to play with!
- Make your own toys with different colors, different textures.
- every toy model can be played with repeatedly so that you can make up for the defects before, and make your toy as perfect as possible.
- touch it and it will be squishy with a sound.

- DIY Squishy Making! - Choose colors, shapes, and textures from an endless number of options!
- Super Decompress - Enjoy the physical and mental pleasure brought by the deformation of toys.
- Realistic Squishy Simulator - Real-life toy physics behavior; Press it, squish it, squeeze it, crush it - and enjoy calming anxiety relief.
- Oddly Satisfying ASMR Sounds - Say no to anxiety! Turn up the volume and listen to the anti-stress sounds.
- Endless Number of Colors & Textures to draw with - Glossy, spray, pastels and over +200 different shades of all colors.
- Endless Variety of Shapes - Strawberry, flying unicorn, burger, donut, kawaii figures, pixel and more!
- Squishy Coloring Technology - Paint each of your squishy characteristics in a different color!

Relax and calm your nerves using this wonderful satisfying ASMR app, while enjoying our detailed yet simple features designed just for our valuable users!

How to Install:
- Download this simple and free game of unicorn fun making slime.
- Install it into your slime.

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