Stay Alive: Survival

Stay Alive: Survival

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Stay Alive: Survival and Adventures - is a free multiplayer MMORPG game, with elements of shooting game and survival strategy in unexplored islands, which are full of pirates, enemy ogres and predatory animals. Do not survive and become a prey where all living things chase you!

Include your tactics and strategic thinking - you can not only survive, but also perform quests that will guide you through an exciting story!

The plot You are a brave hacker and the main organizer of the plot on a galley of pirates. The revolt failed and you, along with other participants, were sentenced to death. All your friends are probably dead, maybe not! Look for clues and objects, solve secrets to get closer to the main goal - to avenge the captain and become the king of pirates.

During the game, you will:
- to hunt
- explore the unexplored islands of the archipelago
- extract resources
- study and develop technologies
- weapons and hand tools
- Protect yourself from the island's aggressive wildlife
- defeat aborigines and pirates
- to perform tasks and quests to find a way to defeat the captain, his henchmen and put on the crown of a king pirates.

Do not hesitate to gather resources, to renovate buildings on the island, to open new territories to rebuild a ruined ship that will become your home!

The main thing - do not panic and remember the following tips:

- You must hunt and find edible resources - they quench hunger and thirst. Otherwise, you die - it's survival.
- Explore all the islands, each island is rich in resources, and on some, you will find hiding places with valuable loot.
- Think about the strategy and tactics of your future actions, correctly calculate the resources for the trip - otherwise you will die.
There is no place for friendship and feelings on these islands The only safe place for you is your place of residence Beware of other players on the islands - they will definitely want to take back everything you You can also test your strength in the battle with other players, because who knows what is hidden in their backpacks.
"Get the resources you find on the islands." They will be needed to make weapons and the tools necessary for survival - it's a survival, remember.
"Almost all the animals that are found on these islands - they want to devour you!" Earn them to get valuable resources from each animal, or run away - otherwise you will die.
"Your worst enemies on the islands are the locals." Do not think of making friends with them because you are just a lunch or dinner for them. They are cannibals and they will kill you by all means. So take your teeth - or you will die.

Stay Alive: Survival And Adventures is a free multiplayer MMORPG game with elements of shooting game and strategy. But the game also has the opportunity to buy content for live money, in the form of weapons, resources, premium account and gaming currency. To download a game of MMORPG with elements of A shooter and strategy, you must be 13 years old.

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