Steampunk Warlords

Steampunk Warlords

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: July 8, 2019


Steampunk Warlords uses a tap and drag control scheme to allow for complete character control.

It's a squad based PVP experience that focuses on your individual skill and strategy rather than relying on random teammates.

The game is set in the Permian Isle a harsh desert island where steam technology reigns. With little to offer in entertainment the three kingdoms of the island have devised a tournament of champions with arena matches held for sport.

You are a Lanista, trainer of champions, it is your goal to build an unstoppable team and claim the title of Warlord!

The Permian Isle is a harsh environment where only the strongest and most cunning can thrive. It is comprised of 3 powers that exist in an uneasy alliance.

• The Grand Duchy of Ravenglen: the smallest in territory and population is home to the islands most lush oasis, providing a haven for its citizens.

The luxuries afforded by the oasis have made the Grand Duchy of Ravenglen the richest and most advanced of the three powers.

This technological and financial advantage allows the Grand Duchy to flourish among otherwise desolate wastelands

• The Republic of Spindlestead: With almost twice the population of the Grand Duchy, the republic is centered around a lawless boom-town looking to take advantage of the smaller oases scattered along the western side of the island.

Fueled by conflict their lightning fast quick-draws are rivaled only by their short fuse tempers.

• The Ironrath Nation: the largest territory on the Permian Isle. The Nation is a loosely governed accumulation of tribes scattered among the harsh wastelands.

The Ironrath scavenge for whatever they can find to survive. While harsh living conditions keep their populations from expanding they also give birth to some of the toughest warriors imaginable.

Before jumping into the intense PVP action you'll need to outfit your heroes to ensure they fit your unique play style.

Steampunk Warlords offers a variety of ways to do this. Characters can be leveled up by collecting cards unique to each character boosting their stats in a more traditional RPG style. In addition to character cards, victory in the arena will also yield equipment.

Each character has 4 equipment slots for stat boosting equipment. Each equipment slot has 2 gem slots. These gem slots can be used to equip any stat boosting gem on any character.

If you want to equip strength on your healers go for it! Steampunk Warlords allows you to socket whatever combination fits your unique play style!

Each player will select 3 fighters before the start of a match. There is no limit to the configuration. Each player will control all three of their characters during the match.

We have limited each character to three abilities to help streamline the workload of managing the characters.

Most abilities serve multiple purposes and will both do damage as well as provide some kind of stat boost to your character or possibly crowd control to an enemy.

There are passive abilities that give a character permanent unique stat boosts, Area of Effect abilities that can be deployed anywhere in the arena, Line of Sight abilities that can target all enemies in any given direction, and Single Use abilities that target a specific character for maximum impact.

We look forward to seeing what you are able to do with all of the possibilities!

There are currently 12 Characters in development for our initial release. Each character has 3 unique abilities that match their personality.

Each of these abilities can be enhanced by strategically socketing gems that enhance your favorite ability.

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