Sticky Ball 3D

Sticky Ball 3D

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 12, 2019


Sticky Ball 3D is a very fun and casual puzzle game. Players can use a sticky ball to continuously roll in the game, collect a lot of rubber people in the scene, and break through various kinds of crushing. The obstacles in the level, the whole picture is very konjac and decompression, players can easily go to play various games, let you enjoy more happiness in your leisure time. Like the little friends who roll the sticky ball, download the demo!
Game overview:
The game's picture is very clear, a variety of gameplay and operation at a glance is very simple; 2 players in the process of playing each collision can be glued to the little skin people, players need to make your ball more rounded;
 Players will feel different happiness at various levels and let the troubles go away.
Game features
The color of the game is simple and comfortable, and the long-term gameplay will not make the player feel very tired.
 Through a variety of different game levels, you can get gold coins to unlock more small ball skins;
 The real scene design, the boutique 3D engine to create a boutique game, so that your every collision is very real;
Game highlights
Stylish and simple stand-alone games are very appealing, and players can gain a higher number of people and a comfortable life in the game:
 Want to be a sticky Superman, all the villains will be wiped out on this road in order to get a higher score in the end;
There are no safety features on either side of the raceway, and all players must let the ball roll on the road.

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