Story Games

Story Games

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: December 14, 2019


"Story Games is a wild collection of choice-based stories intended to challenge, provoke, entertain — and put YOU in control!

• Follow the threads and connect the dots while you explore expansive universes as the main character in a collection of epic stories

• Your choices affect what happens in each story! Collect icons based on the choices you make, and use the time travel feature to go back and make different choices that lead down new paths

• New stories and regular chapter updates • Share screenshots to social media from anywhere in the game! • Sign up for our affiliate program and make real money by sharing Story Games with friends • Our stories: •

IMMORTALIZED: Moris and Jeralyn, our two unlikely heroes, uncover the dark secrets of some powerful people with the help of a hacker named Voly. Their discoveries inevitably lead to trouble! Seeking a solution, they find their way to a small island in the Caribbean, inhabited by a high-tech and highly unusual society of people who call themselves ""voluntaryists."" • GHOSTS OF BLANOBY: Paranormal investigators are seeking to unravel the mysterious curse of Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester fortune. Her house is said to be haunted by every soul ever lost to a Winchester weapon... • PAPER SQUARES AND PURPLE STARS: In this revealing journey through the world of underground raves, real-life party promoter John Vibes takes you behind the scenes with his most mind-blowing stories from inside the industry. • BEYOND LIMITS: 400 years in the future, Earth has been surrendered to ATOS, an artificial intelligence more powerful than it ever should have become. Humans, meanwhile, have fled, scattered to the four corners of the cosmos. Experience the epic struggle of the Azir, ragtag crew of the warship Bella, as they run from a nefarious organization that designs genetic slaves. • PROMOTER IN PARADISE: Tuti is on a mission – she's been tasked with saving the party of the year, but the odds are stacked against her! Not only is the competition trying to trip her up, she's also saddled with a mother who wants to see her out of the workforce and into a wedding dress... It's a race against the clock, from the Bali 'burbs through the rice fields to the hedonistic night clubs, where one night could change everything! • MISSION: CONTROL: US soldiers selected by Mission: Intelligence to participate in a top-secret research project start to wonder what's real and what's a clever deception... based on the actual experiments of social psychologist Stanley Milgram and others.


Story Games is free to play, but you can grab an extra slice of the adventure with awesome in-game purchases!



Immortal Games delivers a mix of entertainment, education, self-empowerment, and independent thought through the medium of captivating storytelling. We're a small but passionate team, and we dare to dream! Thanks for playing!"

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