Summer Break Episode: Love Stories for Teenagers

Summer Break Episode: Love Stories for Teenagers

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  • - Published/Updated Date: September 7, 2021


Summer break is finally here! It's time to enjoy this latest love game for teens. Bella, you have ahead of you lots of decisions to make, dating stories to live. Are you ready to find a fancy love?

The summer of your life is waiting for you! But before you embark on these great dating stories, you have to choose your look. Remember this is an interactive story. You can choose what to do!

Choose your dress, your hairstyle, even your outfit. You will look really nice! This is the game where you can say: My interactive story - I decide.

"Summer Break Episode: Love Stories for Teenagers" is the ultimate choices and episodic love game for teens. Through multiple stories and chapters you can decide how will the story end up. Each episode is different and just like real life: you can decide and make choices upon your future.

This will be the summer of your life! Exciting episodes, new friends and lots of fun await you on the popular Summer Break, a festival with live music but also unexpected challenges. Your choices will have consequences, so choose wisely!

On Summer Break you will find a fancy love! Get yourself ready for intense feelings and narrative stories that will make you feel real butterflies in your stomach! Will you choose to speak with Kevin? He is staring at you. Choose well, you may be missing the best kiss of the summer.

You're determined to have fun on the Summer Break. Make real-life choices in this love story simulator and choose who you date with!

Summer vacations are here. On your first day at the festival, many choices await you. Who is the secret guy with the glasses? Is that Tim Rogers? You haven't dated anyone since him in second grade, but he seems to want to talk to you. Should you stay? Should you go? Now you can choose, you can decide your future!

There is a surprise waiting for you every time on this choices and episodic interactive game for girls. Mmm, interesting. What will you choose to do? Kiss him?


- Real love and dating stories for teenagers.
- Choices, episodes, stories, and tons of different ends.
- Lots of dates with different boys and girls to choose from.
- Meet and date with incredible friends while enjoying the live concert at the festival!


- Sharpen your critical thinking skills by making lots of important decisions. Kissing him is a good choice? Think!
- Discover what real love looks like by living an unforgettable romance.
- If you like love games for teens, this game will make your summer the best so far.

"Summer Break Episode: Love Stories for Teenagers" is an amazing interactive game that allows you to make choices to live a real-life story and combine friendship and life memories while dancing on the festival. Doesn't it sound like a fantastic plan for this summer break? Choice by choice will determine whether you will live a romance story or if you prefer to enjoy the live music with your friends.

Fantastic episodes and chapters dating game for girls. If you choose well, you will really remember these kiss and summer love memories when you become older! Isn't life all about love and adventure?

"Summer Break Episode: Love Stories for Teenagers" is one of the make decision games with role-playing that will get you hooked on our different interactive storices: love stories, dating stories, party episodes, and more!

Choose your own story's adventure and roleplay your way to the stories you love in this addictive interactive story game. Are you ready?

Spread the word with other players and friends! Everybody will want to choose how this love game for teens ends.

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