Summer health Сamp horror

Summer health Сamp horror

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Get into an abandoned pioneer camp, grab a camera and capture the unknown..

You have to sort out the story from beginning to end, which happened in 1958. But at the same time it is necessary to survive, and it will be difficult.. Caution! It will be scary.

My friend Joe and I are running a blog. We often go to various abandoned places and shoot scary videos based on scary stories, trying to capture the paranormal.

One day we went to the territory of the camp, which was abandoned in 1959 near the city. They say that the body of a girl was found there in the distant 58 year, her murder has not yet been solved.

We went there at night to show our subscribers the place where we found the girl.

Sometimes there were some sounds: the creaking of doors and the slamming of windows. We thought that the wind was to blame for this, until this happened…

In its own way, this story is also about the Soviet Union, because you get to an abandoned territory, the whole atmosphere is saturated with the USSR, furniture, books, magazines, posters.. You will plunge into a terrible nostalgia.

The story takes place in an abandoned pioneer camp of the USSR, which was abandoned at the end of the 20th century due to the mysterious disappearance of children who were vacationing here. The location was marked as a danger zone. For many years, people were afraid to visit this place. After a while, the Soviet Union collapsed and the terrible history of the camp was forgotten.
After a couple of years, the society stopped believing in such rumors, and people began to enter the abandoned territory. My friend and I decided to check whether this is a myth or a real story. Everything that we shoot will get into our blog.

Do you like the horror or mystery game genre? Are you ready to experience a new level of horror on your phone?
Pioneer camp horror is based on a story that will help you enjoy a beautiful and scary gaming experience in the horror genre. This is a mystical horror game in which you have to get into the history of the USSR camp. And to understand what happened at that unfortunate time. The game has several episodes that you go through. You are given hints to solve the mystery. In the game you will encounter evil ghosts and scary characters. You must survive in the ultimate game and tell everyone your point of view in what happened. In a way, this is an escape from the USSR, because after entering the camp building, you will have to escape and survive from this terrible place.

The events tell us about the existence of a long-abandoned, after terrible events, camp called "Eaglet". This is the USSR horror and this place has hosted a large number of vacationers for many years, but in an instant several children disappeared. The health camp was closed and not a little time has passed since then.

You are a video blogger whose main activity is to expose everything related to the paranormal world. In order to get new content, you decide to go to the same camp to dispel the myths flying around it. Arriving at the scene of the action, it becomes clear that something is really wrong here and now you will not only have to figure everything out, but also try to save your own life.

Summer health camp horror includes a creepy horror. You are watching what is happening in the first person. You can walk and partially interact with the environment. The post-Soviet flavor will add a sense of nostalgia and confusion at the same time. The action takes place on the territory of an abandoned children's camp. The "Eaglet" was closed in 1958.

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