Survivors of Wasteland

Survivors of Wasteland

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: March 26, 2020


Arm yourself and fight for survival!
Survivors of Wasteland is a futuristic tower defense mobile game. You can build bases, armed forces, compete for resources, fight off zombies, all for survival!

The civilization of this planet is at stake! An experimental accident caused a large-scale leak of biochemical viruses. The virus was highly infectious and quickly spread from the city to the world. The infected person loses his mind, his body is greatly strengthened, and he is very aggressive and contagious. We call it "zombie".

In this epic tower defense game, you need power and strategy to defeat the runaway zombies and zombie leaders. You have guns and melee weapons, technology, and armor to help you survive the flood of zombies.

Will you be able to do rock solid defense under this doomsday city surrounded by zombies?
Come and play Survivors of Wasteland!

Game Feature:
-21 modern and future firearms: pistols, sniper rifles, pistols, heavy machine guns.
-many special heroes to choose from, such as crazy scientist, robot killer, heavy weapon artillery and so on.
-Super many types of zombies and boss monsters wait for you, you need to use different combinations to destroy them!
-Powerful hero skills and epic god skills to destroy zombies in quick battles!
-Many hours of tower defense gameplay including in game Achievements with rewards and also unique rewards for completing levels and different challenges.

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