Survman: Fear School. Horror Game

Survman: Fear School. Horror Game

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  • - Required Android: 10+
  • - Installs: 63M
  • - Published/Updated Date: October 27, 2018


Test your survival skills in a real post-apocalyptic horror game! There are neither laws nor moral values, and your only objective here is to survive. A deadly virus unleashed chaos in the world and turned most people and animals into zombie after a heavy fire in a secret biological laboratory. Cap it all, there are crowds of looters and murders raging all around in search of easy prey. Save your granny that is locked in a trap and get yourself to the safety zone! You play as Mason Survman, a former policeman currently working in a prison.


Waking up in the hospital, Mason Survman has a burst of utter horror: there is no light at all, medical instruments are scattered throughout the ward, but above all, there is a patient corpse lying nearby! Jumping up in horror, Mason decides to sort out the situation. The hospital corridor is empty, there are dead bodies everywhere around, and Mason realizes that the situation is all horror, and it’s better to escape from this hell of a place immediately.

Soon, it becomes clear that Mason got into a tragic car accident, experienced clinical death and was in a coma for several days and nights. From a newspaper, which he finds on the floor, he learns that there was a huge fire in a secret bio-laboratory. A mortal virus got into the environment and now turns everything that moves into zombie!

“What a horror! How is my granny?” cried Mason. Granny is the nearest and dearest person for Mason because granny was upbringing him from early childhood. Granny is now working in a local school. Mason is short of time, he must decide where he should search his dear granny. There are only two variants to choose from: the house or the school – these are the places where granny spends most of her time.

A journey to the school is a tough challenge: infected people and animals are far and near, they attack all of a sudden, like experienced hunters whose preys are people. The darkness prevails, but you have no time to wait for the sun to rise – your granny is in a grave danger! Mason Survman must always be extremely careful to reach the school and help his granny escape.

- This scary game is full of unexpected events.
- Make it to the school and save your granny at any cost!
- Prepare yourself to deal with evil horror in the school!
- The player has no ally. Only hidden objects search can slightly ease this scary game.
- Use all tools at hand to achieve the goal.
It is a horror game – download in at your own risk and peril.

Turn the lights off, set volume to the maximum, and start playing one of the most horror games ever…