Thần Ma Đại Lục : Forsaken World - MMORPG

Thần Ma Đại Lục : Forsaken World - MMORPG

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Thần Ma Đại Lục : Forsaken World is a Fantasy MMORPG Role Playing game with amazing graphics from the maker Perfect World.

Forsaken World opens up a vast Fantasy world!

Where each player expresses their own personality through a variety of characters. Begin your own journey of discovering the Magic of Mainland.

Thần Ma Đại Lục Features :

[Server battle 1000 VS 1000] Extremely large battlefield with a capacity of more than 2000 combatants at the same time, with real-time interactive technology.

You will be immersed in the classic battles of Norse Mythology. If you are a fan of the Great War of the Five Wings, you are passionate about flying across battles and topping the world. Forsaken World God of the Mainland is the perfect place for you.

[BOSS Battle Skill Training] At Forsaken World, each player will be free to build up their own character.

Also during the adventure, players can learn more hidden skills through beating and destroying BOSS [Unique Guild Building] Unique strong castle building feature.

Similar to the house-building games, goalkeepers, guild owners can design the guild's architecture at will.

You will be the one who contributes to the diversity of guilds. Manually build a unique stronghold, where you are the head.

[Diverse Tactics, Free Class Change] At Forsaken World, you can completely switch freely between 7 character classes with all races (human race, elves, bloodlines, dwarves, ...).

do not encounter any difficulties. Great experience and tailored to each player's unique style.

[Great War Survival. Survival mode, unique feature first appeared on the MMORPG Game.

The great war between 2 factions: Human and Blood Race becomes extremely charismatic when experienced with friends.

You will randomly play the role of innocent people trying to escape from the clutches of vampires or transform into the bloodthirsty Blood Race with the goal of hunting prey and spreading the whole city.

[Goblin Killing Treasures] Hunt down the Goblin and scramble for the articles they stole.

Never underestimate the Goblin's treasure. Becoming a Goblin Slayer is a wise decision for your journey to become the strongest.

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