The Circle Run: Stickman Jump & Running in Circles

The Circle Run: Stickman Jump & Running in Circles

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  • - Required Android: 5+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: October 25, 2018


Step into the fun run arena of The Circle Run: Stickman Jump & Running in Circles and run jump for avoiding obstacles that are looming inside circles or be dazed and confused by the variety of enemies coming after you! So start your run in circles, little stickman!

Perhaps you’re unable to escape certain loops of life but in the stickman running around game you have the opportunity to leave every hurdle behind and move to bigger better loops.

The rules are simple:
- Tap to jump and avoid hurdles
- Hold tap for higher jumps
- Collect flags to unlock next circle’s gate
- Collect stars to unlock new things

Just keep the circle in focus while you bounce around trying to move on to bigger things but remember what goes around comes around because some enemies would chase you to the end.

You’ll be wanting for nothing once you catch the circles rhythm and realize how much fun it is to monkey around in the impossible circle loop in this stick run game.

Enemies will get fiercer with every next round so you might have to spin around the loop for a bit longer but the goal is to collect the flag so you can round up to getting around the circle inside the next level of this super fun stickman runner.

Be sure to switch circles before the enemy finishes looping the spinny circle and your run reaction is slow so you’ll be running nearby it before long. Do not turn around in mid circle jump to look behind or you‘ll pop the circle towards oblivion.

If you’ve ever loved circle games, you’ll definitely have fun with Stickman Circle Run: Jump Up & Running in Circles. Start playing the only circles game you’ve always wished for. If you like it, feel free to leave a nice review!

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