The heist – TPS Armed Bank Robbery Game

The heist – TPS Armed Bank Robbery Game

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  • - Published/Updated Date: September 16, 2020


Get yourself armed, and get ready for the biggest heist. TPS gun game with master planned robbery in line.


Plan the heist with this TPS (third person shooter) bank robbery game. Rob bank and other different locations with your gang and experience that robbing a bank with armed shooting of snipers vs thieves can be so exhilarating like it has never been in other heist games.

This heist game is about robbing banks with skill and sharp guts of an armed shooter, aim at your armed target in the best 3rd person shooter game to achieve a perfect bank robbery & a great heist.


*Weapons In The Armed Game:

You will be able to see and choose your weapons in this TPS (Third person shooter) third person game. The thrill and excitement of gun games increases if we get to choose our own guns and weapons for the crime war day. Get numerous top gear bank rob worthy weaponry.

*The Dream Thieves Attires:
Get to choose your dacoit in the bank robbery, choose your camouflage during the heist. You can not get caught in the bank robbery, so you need to keep your identity hidden in this gun game. You ought to be careful as you have been robbing banks and people might get a trace of your identity. Be smart!!

*Versatile Robbery Games Situations:
Rob a bank, a casino and experience sniper vs thieves third person shooter war on the roads. Enjoy versatility of clown robbery like you have never experienced in FPS (first person shooter) games.

*3D Crime Game Map:
Track your enemies on the 3D crime map during the heist, make the access and shooting easy to spice up this robber game. Maps make spotting the sniper shooter easy in gun games.

Prepare for a well-planned heist with your masked identity robber gang. Experience robbing banks in a whole new heist game venture.

Play heist games better than any clown robbery games, and experience TPS armed shooting from different sniper points.

If you play action games, you sure know the drill of armed online stuff.

Aim and target your enemy, become the dream thieves by devising a fool proof plan in the dream world heist.

Have a great heist and enjoy playing the heist – TPS Armed Bank Robbery Game!!

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