The Pursuit Within

The Pursuit Within

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  • - Required Android : 5.1 and up
  • - Total Installs : 5+
  • - Published Date : May 9, 2023
  • - Categorie : Adventure

You play as Karma Singh, a hardworking employee who has been overlooked for the Employee of the Year award for the past five years in favor of his colleague, Agni.

One day before the 6th award ceremony, Karma takes the wrong step in agony and kills Agni, unleashing his inner evil, Shaitaan.

After winning the award and promotion the next day, Karma finds himself in the underworld, where he must find a way to purify his soul and get rid of Shaitaan.

In this game, you will explore the underworld and encounter various challenges that test your skills and strategy.

Use your wits to solve puzzles, battle demons, and overcome obstacles to progress through the levels.

With each challenge you overcome, you will come closer to purifying your soul and freeing yourself from the grasp of Shaitaan.

- Engaging storyline that explores the consequences of one's actions
- Challenging gameplay that tests your skills and strategy
- Beautifully designed underworld with stunning graphics
- Various puzzles, demons, and obstacles to overcome
- An immersive experience that takes you on a journey of self discovery.