Timberland arranging puzzle game

Timberland arranging puzzle game

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: September 10, 2021



Welcome to Timberland - a relaxing and addictive game that resembles Sudoku or Tic-tac-toe in pictures.

Collect a logical puzzle while enjoying the fascinating sounds of nature and the cheerful cries of animals!

How to play Timberland:
The goal is to find a suitable place for each animal on the field and paint them in 3 colors, finding intersections between different types of hints.

At first glance, it may seem that the puzzle is quite simple, what can be difficult in a 3x3 field and 9 different animals? However, level by level, you will dive deeper into the rabbit hole, discover new intersection mechanics, and the number of combinations will increase, reaching several hundred thousand! Get ready for unexpected challenges, the game will surprise you!

We have created a simple but fascinating mechanism for connecting fragments, so that you will be interested in building a complete picture of them. Some hints accurately determine the location, while others can be applied to the field in several ways. Some can indicate colors, others animals, and still others both. There may be hints that prohibit a certain color or animal in a given cell. They can also indicate the relationship between colors and animals in cells of the same / different type.

What's in the game:
• 90+ levels
• Exciting gameplay
• Several hundred thousand layout options on the field
• Various mechanics, unexpected combinations
• Nice, intuitive design
• colorful hand-drawn graphics, vivid effects
• Soothing sounds of nature, cheerful cries of animals
• Does not require an internet connection
• No time limit

• Play for free
• Control with one finger
• Develop your mental skills and memory
• Train your logical and spatial thinking skills
• Relieve stress, enjoy a relaxing and meditative experience
• Strive for excellence

If you can not pass a certain level, then do not worry! After viewing the short ad, you will get a new hint that will help you find the right solution. Spend your free time with pleasure – and it does not matter whether you like to relax or keep your brain in good shape! Arrange a charge for your mind and solve everything yourself, or clear your head by simply placing the animals and coloring them according to the prompts.

Additional features:
• Additional hints. Balance your difficulty.
• Auto-save. If you leave the puzzle unfinished, it will be saved. You can continue at any time
• Marking the used hints. If you have already installed animals on the field and colored them according to the hint, mark it as used.
• Eraser. Erase any animal or color that is out of place.
• Unlimited return of moves. Did you make a mistake? Just go back any number of moves, to any of the past states.

Just touch this free educational puzzle game, and you just can not tear yourself away. Deceptively simple, incredibly interesting! Play this refreshing reinvention of classic Sudoku!

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