Tiny Gladiators 2

Tiny Gladiators 2

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  • - Required Android: 10,000+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 28, 2018


Tiny Gladiators 2 is an action-packed blend of a fighting game and an RPG! Enter the arena where the strongest combatants from all around the world battle it out until only one is left standing!

Win in intense 1 on 1 duel or take on multiple enemies at a time to prove your worth and skill!

Enter a high-stakes fantasy tournament where the greatest warriors battle it out for treasure and glory! Create and upgrade your character with new skills and gear to defeat all of the enemies and become the legend of the arena!

Tiny Gladiators 2 FEATURES:
- FAST-PACED COMBAT: Master your characters’ movements and attacks to win!
- FULL CUSTOMIZATION: Select a character that best suits your play style!
- SINGLE PLAYER AND PVP: Play against the AI or defeat the strongest opponents online!

Thanks to a unique, hand-drawn art Tiny Gladiators 2 will quickly immerse you in its world and characters!

Discover all of the epic adversaries you will have to face on your way to victory. Every one of them is unique and interesting, making playing the game fully engaging throughout

With each battle won you will further develop your skills, increase your characters’ powers and get access to powerful equipment that will allow you to defeat stronger and stronger enemies.

When you feel ready, you can challenge other players online to an ultimate PvP combat test!

You will get to defeat multiple legendary warriors and their armies. Stand tall against mighty beasts, undead, orcs, demons and more! Defeat their armies and duel their commander at the end to seal your dominance!

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