Toyoyo and Yummy Town - Foods! Cute animals!

Toyoyo and Yummy Town - Foods! Cute animals!

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 100+
  • - Published/Updated Date: April 9, 2020


Korean webtoon is now in the game!

Everyone’s just..round! Everyone eats, eats and keeps on eating, and that’s almost everything for this game. With Toyoyo and friends together, the food town must grow bigger with a number of beautiful decorations to attract customers, while Toyoyo and friends show off cute actions and bring out stories of their own as well as some mini games.
This game lets you jump into a big open field to create your own food town. Not only that, you are able to invite friends and customers, wait for street foods to collect golds automatically. Oh and don’t forget to stop by to check out the exclusive stories of Toyoyo and friends in the game!

!!!!!About the game!!!!!

[Food town]
This is not about a single café, nor a convenience store etc. You are building a food town in the forest! Place restaurants, place tables and place a lot of other beautiful decorations to complete your own town!

Have you placed restaurants and tables? Then, don’t hesitate and greet our customers! Check out variety of cute customers eating foods, and in the end you collect golds. This is an important factor for the game!

Fat rabbit scarecrow, carrot clock etc..Check out the beautiful decorations available, and decorate your own Yummy Town! The more the decorations, the more the customers will visit!

[Visiting friends town]
Curious about how others are doing in the game? You can make friends and visit their Yummy Town! Who knows, their Yummy Towns could be one of a kind!

Each character in Toyoyo and Yummy Town has stories available for players. Play the game, and check out their funny stories and heal yourself!

[Character actions]
Each character in Toyoyo and Yummy Town has very own characteristics which reflect in their every action. Watch their cute and funny actions in town!

[Supply delivery]
We do not have any typical ‘Mix this and that’ for supplies. The game has just one supply available for all restaurants, and you just need to deliver them with our delivery guys. Enjoy the game, simple and easy!

[Street foods]
The street foods in Toyoyo and Yummy Town are referred to those actually exist in real life. But, it’s our cute animals who’s in charge. Check out the street foods and its actions, as golds stack up for you to collect.

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