Train with master controller

Train with master controller

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  • - Required Android: 10+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: October 19, 2018


It is a train simulator for children.

You can run a train by copying the master controller.
When you pull the master controller toward you, it accelerates, and when you push it backwards it will decelerate.

Since an icon appears from the bottom left, please try to tap the icon.
It turns into various Shinkansen trains and trains, railroad crossings, tunnels, iron bridges etc. appear.

In addition to that, various things will appear on the screen
Please try tapping. Fun things may happen?

· Station icon: The distance to the station is displayed on the train with a gauge.
As the station approaches, please stop at the station with the timing.
· Linear Shinkansen Icon: Transforms to Linear Shinkansen (Linear Motor Car) for a fixed time.
· Conventional line icon: The train changes to various trains.
· Shinkansen icon: Transform into Shinkansen for a certain time.
· SL icon: Transform into SL (steam locomotive) for a certain period of time.
· Railroad crossing icon: A railroad crossing will appear.
· Tunnel icon: A tunnel will appear.
· Iron Bridge Icon: Iron Bridge Appears.
· Landscape changeover icon: Change the route to a different landscape.
· Horn icon: You can sound a horn.

I would like to increase the number of trains, trains, steam locomotives, vehicles and the background of the linear Shinkansen and more.
If you have trains / subways that you want to appear, please request
I would like to make it preferentially.

● Tap the Linear Shinkansen icon
Transform into Linear Shinkansen L0 system for a fixed time.

● When you tap the Shinkansen icon
Various vehicles of each Shinkansen line will start appearing including the Tokaido Shinkansen rare Dr. Yellow, East-i will also appear.
All type of Shinkansen that appears from 0 series to W7.E 7 series!

● Tapping the SL icon
I will transform it into a certain time SL. The whistle sounds with vomiting of smoke.
Four types of SL appear

● Tap the landscape icon
When a big tunnel appears and passes through the tunnel, the train runs where the landscape is different.

Introduction of conventional lines that will appear
Various vehicles such as JR, private railway, local railway, subway in Tokyo will appear.
More than 31 kinds of trains appear

● Police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, route buses, etc. will appear on the road on the front so please try to tap.
I am looking forward to what happens.

It is not a railway enthusiast, so if there is a mistake etc, it is appreciated if you can teach.

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※ This train game can be played for free until the end.

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