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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 500+
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 18, 2019


A dungeon that doesn't know how long it will last.The deeper the hierarchy, the more rare items are sleeping

Arrange equipment and bring friends
Let's go to the dungeon to find treasure!

- Let ’s eat
Growing plants at home, growing fields,
You can use the dishes you made for your adventure

- Bring friends
When you go on an adventure with your friends,
You may be able to win against enemies that you cannot stand alone

- Let's arrange equipment
Enhance equipment brought back from the dungeon!
Use slots to gain even more strength! ?

- Buying and selling between players
Players can have their own shops!
Arrange unnecessary items in your store,
You can purchase missing materials from other players' shops!

- Operation
Switching between right hand and left hand placement is possible!
Set frequently used skills and items as shortcuts!