Trespassers - Trailer Defense

Trespassers - Trailer Defense

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  • Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • Installs: 1+
  • Published/Updated Date: February 7, 2019


Defend your trailer against supernatural freaks with a full redneck arsenal!

A bunch of evil creatures have been wanderin’ around our trailer lately and it's time to defend it! Some ‘em what Southern might really means and defend the trailer! Plenty of loot to collect and upgrades to be got. Choose your loadout and get straight to the fight.

Redneck arsenal
All the weapons you’d expect and more!
Fist Fights - Teach ‘em a lesson they’ll remember and deliver some knuckle sandwiches!
Shotgun Action - Hordes of monsters, unlimited supply of shotgun shells and an afternoon to spend! What a time to be alive!

Close Relatives - Bring in your extended family to kill those creatures with the power of the cousins.

Evil Creatures
Nobody knows where these darn evil creatures are coming from, but you know how to handle them! Let someone else sort out the details.

Banjo Music
Captivating soundtrack to tingle your deepest banjo cravings.

Tower Defense or Trailer Offense
The best defense is a good offense! Rely on the second amendment and keep them trespassers off your lawn!

Upgrades and unlockables
Upgrade your favorite skills and weapons.
Open loot to discover new ones along the way!

Purchase upgrades!
Want to defend your trailer with ease in a hurry? Purchase upgrades and diamonds!

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