Troll Face Quest: Stupidella and Failman

Troll Face Quest: Stupidella and Failman

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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 21, 2018


Troll Face Quest: Stupidella and Failman are here! It is safe to say that you are prepared to troll and be trolled more than ever? Try not to be an arbitrary outsider. Join a gathering of image sweethearts in this new experience.

Test your cerebrum with this astute and to a great degree interesting point and snap bewilder experience. Do whatever it takes not to crash and burn in the silliest and hardest diversion at any point made!

Test your aptitudes of conclusion while thwarting our tricks and utilizing your cerebrum to wind up the sharpest individual ever. Attempt your luckiness, center your psyche, and make sense of how to end the interminable circle of tricking frenzy.

Appreciate a greater amount of the cool point and snap undertakings that you've developed to adore in the prominent Troll Face Quest arrangement.

It's loaded with distraught journeys and unthinkable questions where tricks aren't only a joke, they're a lifestyle! There's no telling where they'll end up in the Troll Face universe. Maintaining a strategic distance from disappointment has never been this funny...or hard.

Stupidella is an extremely beguiling yet not all that splendid princess from a captivated kingdom. As should be obvious, she was never the most intelligent child on the square so she needs a brainy individual who can center and help her settle dubious puzzles while staying away from our insane tricks.

At that point, there's Failman, a superhuman with well-meaning plans who frequently foul things up for the general population (and infrequent felines) he attempts to safeguard. Is it accurate to say that you are an astonishing individual?

Provided that this is true, demonstrate it by helping them avoid inconvenience while they investigate the Troll Face Quest universe.

These two hapless saints will undoubtedly end up in huge amounts of extraordinarily insane circumstances.

It's basically unimaginable for them to win without anyone else. They'd welcome it on the off chance that you gone along with them amid their experience.

Would you be able to enable them to stop the unbounded circles of doltish arrangements and bonehead thoughts?



- Plenty of entertaining however ultra-hard dimensions that will test your mind!

- Challenge yourself with these incomprehensible and senseless riddles that include everything from mythical beasts and outsiders to old women and grumpy clerks.

- Visit an insane universe brimming with tricks, cool designs, and marvelous liveliness.

- Check out our naturally made sound impacts that will make you LOL.

- Push your mind as far as possible as you battle absurdly strong people, outsiders, grannies, and that's only the tip of the iceberg!

Try not to give us pranksters a chance to win the fight! Demonstrate to us that a genuine individual can be more astute than a cumbersome hero or a captivated princess with bunches of inept thoughts.

Jump into a world loaded up with a dream, agonizingly ungainly superheroes, and aggregate madness!


Stupidella and Failman are relying upon you to shield them from getting their heads gnawed off by bazaar lions, twisting up thumped out by boxers and, perhaps to top it all off, calling technical support for help with a PC!

There's additionally a decent possibility that Failman will attempt to help essentially anybody he keeps running into.

He can't stop himself with regards to safeguarding felines stuck in trees, helping stranded drivers, and endeavoring to put out flames, regularly without twofold checking to ensure his hose isn't inadvertently snared to a couple of barrels of fuel.

Without you watching out for them, these two could truly get into a stick and crash and burn each and every time. They're trusting you'll keep them safe...along with every other person they experience in Troll Face Quest: Stupidella and Fairman!

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