Under the Castle - Roguelike

Under the Castle - Roguelike

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 100+
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 9, 2019


Play Under the Castle and Explore the castle for treasures of immense power! But also goblins. And 

Explore the depths under the castle in this turn-based roguelike game designed for mobile devices. Create a character from ten fantasy races and numerous backgrounds allowing for hundreds of possible combinations. Games take minutes to play but months to master!

Under the Castle Featuring:
- Roguelike tactical battle engine. Cast spells, throw potions, or turn into a bear.
- Auto-explore, auto-attack, and other modern roguelike game improvements. You can explore manually, if you like, or auto-explore to the next encounter instantly. Blindly rushing into combat tends to result in the untimely death of your character, so beware!
- Hundreds of items. Weapons and armor appear on your character.
- Novel spells like Fireball, Confusion, Summon Animals, and more!

Embark on your journey today!
"Dis ex..ex... ex-po-sition is dumb like humans." - Ogmok
"The boomerang is OP." - Boomerang user
"My squirrel dug up an entire suit of armor" - Squirrel user

WHAT'S NEW Under the Castle :
Improved performance. Many bug fixes (many likely remain.) Removed arrow buttons. Movement is now controlled by swiping or touching a location. For fast gameplay and exploration use the AUTO button extensively. Please report any bugs. Thank you for playing!

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