Valkyrie Revenge

Valkyrie Revenge

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 500+
  • - Published/Updated Date: December 8, 2019


You are the only hope.Please recover the stolen power and save the world

▣ A road to recover the stolen power

The supreme Valkyrie
The greatest Valkyrie Helga Levatine.
The lord of the Giant was fallen by her sword
and the new world of the gods began.

Sin forged by lies
Her tragic began as the war ended.
Stories forged by lies, jealousous and fear,
grew like a mushroom and buried the truth.

The Exile
Her power was taken away,
and she was expelled down to the earth.
When the gods found out that they cannot own it her power was broken into countless pieces and thrown to the monsters.

The Monsters
The gods are mercy on human no longer,
And the monstrous creatures invaded the humans territory. Humans are in danger , as well as Helga who is now one of them.

▣ Set your one hand free. This is one hand control action game.

▣ What is your favorite Weapon?
[Long Sword] The most balanced.
[Daggers] Wield quick and enjoy the critical damage.
[Spear] Hit from farthest.
[Axe] The most powerful!

▣ The taken power
[Dash] Quickly approahing or run away from the enemies around you.

[Berserker] This Valkryie Mode will grant Helga her original power. She becomes invincible, stronger and all enemies become relatively slow. All Valkryie energy will be used.

▣ Recover her stolen Power!
[STEP 1] Increase the level to recover her taken power
[STEP 2] Retrieve her Equipment
[STEP 3] Recover her action.

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