Vampire Memories by Serieplay APK

Vampire Memories by Serieplay APK

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  • - Published/Updated Date: May 19, 2020


Vampire Memories by Serieplay APK is about a Young vampire looking for mysterious boy who will surprise her.

"A young vampire only a few centuries old, Debra's life is turned upside down when she moves to Montreal. There she meets Logan, a boy imbued with mystery whose thoughts she can't read.

To protect the vampires' interests, she will investigate and try to seduce him. At the risk of getting caught up in the game... Who says vampires don't have feelings?

Vampire Memories takes you into the world of a young vampire who is trying to escape her past and will find much more mystery than expected in her new city.

Debra will need your help to unravel the mystery surrounding Logan and preserve the secret of vampires.

Write your own story thanks to a choice-based system that gives voice to your imagination and your sense of judgment.

Each choice you make will impact the rest of the story and make each of your trips into the Vampire Memories universe unique.

Dive into the world of vampires!

Let yourself get carried away and discover the daily life of a young vampire who is never short of ideas.

Dynamic and resourceful, Debra will soon realize that a solitary life is no longer what she aspires to.

Now able to feed on human memories, she carefully chooses her preys and often faces a dilemma: helping or punishing them. Your help will be invaluable to her...

Meet a fascinating cast of secondary characters. A mystifying boy, a loyal friend, a mysterious vampire...

And an ex-boyfriend who keeps haunting Debra's thoughts. This colorful cast of characters will be with you all along your journey.

Our journey together is just getting started!

Join a community of players with eclectic profiles and tastes. Every choice you make leaves a mark in Vampire Memories’ story.

Once you've made your choice, it gets included in the community’s and you get to have a look at the choices made by other players. Should you try and set an offender straight or punish them for their deeds? It's up to you!

We regularly release new episodes! Want to make sure you won’t miss out on Debra’s latest adventure? Turn on notifications to receive a message every time we release a new episode!

New episode releases, presentation of the team, backstage sneak peek, exclusive news… We are active on social media, and ready to listen to you! Join us on Serieplay’s Instagram or Facebook page! "

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