Vice City Crime: Car Theft

Vice City Crime: Car Theft

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  • - Required Android: 7.0 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: Nov 21, 2022


Vice City Crime Theft Auto is a game in which you have to prove to the criminal world that you are one of the best thieves in history.

Become a crime lord in Vice City by stealing cars and destroying gangs

On your way to the top of the thieving business, you will have to steal cars, kill gangster groups, clean up areas from rival gangs, and even participate in a bank robbery.

To become a crime boss, you have to shed a lot of blood. In the story you will come across true friends and corrupt policemen.

Friends can ask for a criminal favor, for car theft. And corrupt cops are holding your pet hostage, and you can't refuse their requests. They may ask you for much more risky things than friends.

Among the missions, there are those where you will need to perform incredible jumps in cars, get away from the chase of a crowd of enemies.

The most dangerous gang in the game is the Martinez gang. They run everything in Vice City - from kindergartens and schools to banks and obscene establishments.

All missions will intersect with the influence of this gang on the city. If you defeat this syndicate, then the rest of the problems are solved simply.

By the way, this gang owns the coolest cars in town, don't miss the opportunity to steal a few cars to give them trouble.

All actions take place in a town called Vice City. In the game you will visit several locations, this is the city center with a developed infrastructure, as well as the beach part of the city, where you will engage in crime and steal cars.

The secret of winning the game: take a weapon, put on a bulletproof vest, run, shoot and steal cars so that the bandits have no chance to win.

The control of the game is very simple, and the car and the character can be controlled with one finger. The duration of the missions will allow you to play in short breaks, at school or at work.

Good luck on the streets of Vice City, King of Thieves!