Warfare of Zombie

Warfare of Zombie

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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 14, 2018


Warfare of Zombie! It is a free MMO zombie strategy game which you lead the last human on earth to build a brand new world.

Breaking through the obstacles of zombies, you was the one of a survivor in this cruel war. Welcome to the paradise of the survivor.

It’s great to be up on the surface again. But just living is not enough. You don’t just look at yourself as a survivor. You are a great hero.

Please lead the survivors to defend their final homeland against the army of the zombies and other enemies in the last world.

Build your city by fighting the zombie army and enemies that plunder the resources in Warfare of Zombie, a multiplayer online strategy game. Conquer other survivors from all over the world and plan an attack to be the last victory! Train your armies and associate with allies to combat other enemies. Readily will display the intestinal fortitude to fight on to the victory objective and complete the mission, though you be the lone survivor. You will get the last fortress and be the strongest survivor?

I trust you have known some about it, and you will fall in love with it, please join our game and enjoy fights in a great deal.

Warfare of Zombie FEATURES :

* Mache *
I. Mache can be upgraded, each upgrade can unlock new skill and enhance the basic attribute.
II. Inherent skill and replaceable skill. Skills can be replaced and upgraded.
III. Friendship will be consumed by war or upgrade. Give gifts can increase friendship. When friendship is 0, it will not be able to fight with your army.

* Recruit survivors *
I. War, development, assistance, three attributes of military officers for you to choose.
II. A variety of skills, free to match!
III. According to your needs, recruit partners to build the strongest team!

* Build base, combat against enemies *
I. In the last days, use strategies to form armies and command battles.
II. In addition to zombies, your enemies have thugs who plunder resources.
III. Upgrade your command base, get up. The enemy is coming soon!

* Collect materials, turn waste into treasure *
I. Explore all of ruins and buildings, get the resources you need and the powerful weapons.
II. Product equipment, transportation, and enhance survival protection.
III. Join us and experience the adventure of killing zombies and saving humanity!

* Collect resources, powerful army *
I.Explore the world map and get resources and props you need to survive!
II.Search zombies on the world map, and beat them to get EXP items and resources and so on.
III.Research techniques for further development and battles, etc.

* Global Auto-translation System *
I.Real-time communication with global players, real time translation and interaction, and take communication with players in various countries.
II.Create a global alliance and gain global command.

A few heroes will influence the destiny of this world. However, it is more common for each of us to write down the common future of society with our own strength.
We are waiting for your arrival, waiting for you to create a different world of glory!

Download Warfare of Zombie and join with players from all over the world!

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