Warrior Chess

Warrior Chess

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  • - Required Android : 3.0 and up
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  • - Published Date : Mar 19, 2023
  • - Categorie : Board

Play chess in this amazing 3D world board game . With 9 highly detailed Locations "Baroque", "Courtyard", "Country Garden", "Medieval Times", "1066: Battle of Hastings", "Aztec Ruins", "Stone Mountain", "Steam Punk" & "Halloween: Trick Or Treat?"

The "Country Garden" Location is currently FREE to play.

Can you beat the AI and become a true Chess Warrior?

Game Features Include:

► Interactive 3D board, rotate, zoom and view & play from any angle
► 9 Locations
· 17th Century Baroque
· Courtyard
· Country Garden
· Medievial Times
· 1066: Battle of Hastings
· Aztec Ruins
· Stone Mountain
· Steam Punk
· Halloween: Trick Or Treat?
► Use the Trainer Feature in the Hint menu to show all the legal moves for each piece before playing, and the possible outcome of the move (Check,Checkmate, Promotion, En Passante, Castle & Piece Taken) at each position.
► 3D & 2D Chess pieces
► Opening moves gallery, browse 2000+ chess openings and play through them
► 2 Player board rotation. Place the device on the table like a real chess board!
► 50 AI difficulty settings, from Easy to Grand Master
► Timed games from 5 minutes to 99 minutes.
► Stuck?, use the move hint generation feature
► Undo & Redo moves, even after Checkmate.
► Show all the moves for the current game
► Using Undo/Redo, walk through all the moves
► Restart a completed game from any previous point
► Save & Load games, to be replayed / analysed or finished later
► Detailed "How to Play" chess tutorial showing all the moves
► Support for "Castling", "En Passant" and "Pawn Promotion"
► Device Performance control - Use the "Visual Quality" settings in the options to adjust the performance on your device
► Time/Day settings for each Location (Sunrise, Day, Sunset, Night)
► Camera settings to disable in-game panning, or lock the camera to a fixed view
► Use In-App purchase to remove adverts and unlock all features