Warriors of Waterdeep

Warriors of Waterdeep

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Whenever Waterdeep, the best city on the Sword Coast, is compromised on all sides by amazing powers, Laeral Silverhand summons saints from over the world to battle in the deadliest areas and annihilation the adversary before they achieve the city entryways.

From your beginning stage in the celebrated Yawning Portal Inn, you'll pick your legends, battle beasts, gather fortune, and achieve new statures of experience in the Forgotten Realms.

• CHOOSE a group of legends from new and set up characters like Shevarith the human wizard, Saarvin the Dragonborn officer, Farideh the tiefling warlock...and more!

• BATTLE fearsome beasts drew from the Forgotten Realms like savage demons, rampaging goliaths, anxious undead...even an overwhelming red dragon...in strategic, turn-based battle!

• COLLECT and overhaul incredible weapons and hardware to produce significantly mightier impacts and amazing blends on the war zone!

• DISCOVER lethal areas like the missing Frostsilver Mines, or the misleading Harvestshield Mountain. Pick which space to enter, and keep your eyes open for mystery entryways!

• CHALLENGE your adventuring abilities by achieving new cell profundities looking for ever-more noteworthy rewards in the unending Challenge mode.

• EARN day by day remunerates and finish journeys to add more things and rigging to your stock.

Play for an experience. Play for the test. Play WARRIORS OF WATERDEEP.

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