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Who is God APK is a combine simplicity with strategy, easy to AFK, fighting, and collect disciples!

Who is God APK is a delusion world. Legend has such as the True Gods have lengthy seeing that fallen. Various races have multiplied and set forth records of disputes.

Many legends bear been surpassed beneath through the mouths concerning bards. The titles of legends are waiting because the adjustment on disciples about entire races.

After countless turbulences, the seven races bear entered between a contract concerning cool symbiosis, then the ball has grow to be stable and stunning including the suture efforts of entire sects, but secretly, even are still deep conspiracies lurking.

As a postulant because of the True God, we want ye according to construct a sizeable denomination yet make a contribution in imitation of the stability and splendor concerning it world.

When the oracle over True God comes, is it a event yet a conspiracy? Please follow the clues or check out the truth!

Who is God APK Features :
——Seven Races and Six Classes
Human: Human is the almost tenacious, adaptable and global folk into the world.
Elyos: They have gore gush out of historical gods among their bodies, evolved strong, altogether talented, however additionally altogether arrogant.
Devil: They are foxy then full of patience, advocating pressure then good at tricks.
Elf: They are atypical races including extraordinary temperaments, united and exclusive, admiring favor or hating ugliness.
Undead: They frequently go underneath the darkish night, corroded by means of murk each and every moment, however nevertheless insisting about their pride.
Orc: Orcs are unfinished guinea pigs, but she are also the Felicitous tribe in conformity with combination strength and flesh.
Element: They raise the monitoring of elements yet may furnish a source over monitoring because someone race.

Who is God APK Classes:
Sword Master: They are travellers walking in the sun, with worthy fighting competencies yet rich combat experience.
Creatures Summoner: No one dares in accordance with bypass a summoner, because no some knows what many opponents so pleasure be agreement it combat it.
Artifact Envoy: They are good at make then using a range of equipment, yet the closely armed artifact envoy is extremely scary.
Alchemist: Alchemist represents the intense knowledge, the creation about miracles, the uncouth mysteries.
Domain Master: They bear the religious government beyond imagination, yet inside their realms, they are invincible.
Rune Keeper: Rune Keeper represents powerful, that may originate earth-shattering disasters, and it may zap enemies silently.

As the grasp concerning a sect, ye may select disciples into seven races yet hexa classes. Many matching schemes are waiting for you according to develop. The bliss at thy fingertips is easy however not monotonous.

——Leisure AFK yet Place Scenery
From Between Rosy Clouds after Snow Relics, from Space of Floating Dreams in conformity with Forbidden Corridor, that world is perfect about entire types regarding weird scenery, we may enjoy whilst fighting, without understanding it, the combat is over.
What postulate I can not beat it? AFK!
As long namely AFK, you may cut experience, money, and equipment; namely long as like AFK, you perform educate you disciples to emerge as strong; as like lengthy so AFK, thou be able perform you sect great. How easy? True God is in regard to in conformity with cry!

——Changing Mysteries, Challenging Limits
We are whole masters about the considerable sect! Unconvinced? Come Arena in imitation of challenge!
Peace lovers? It's okay. There are also cool adventures here, certain namely the Four Spirits Palace or the Valley regarding Sword, Enough because you in accordance with sweat it out.
Challenging the limits? It's okay. Come after the Tower regarding Babel, I'll default postulate ye perform via such to the sky!

——Holy Alliance Is Assembling or Wars Is About To Begin
Like-minded sects execute form a pure league after piece resources, yet boost then turn away together. You no longer necessity in accordance with carry you sect far alone, thou nevertheless have the guide concerning much pleasant sects. At the identical time, the war of words of Alliances is very difficult and requires absolutely everyone in conformity with job together!


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