Who's The Chief

Who's The Chief

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  • - Required Android: Android 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: Nov 9, 2022



Countless islands are scattered across the sea where chaos and civilization originated. On these islands, there is no end to the conflict between tribes for resources, wealth and survival. This era of endless conflicts but full of opportunities has quietly come. As a newcomer, do you have the courage to become the great chief who conquers all tribes?Let's witness together!

***Game Features***

>>Tower Defense, Stress-Relieving!
Command your army to capture the towers with fingertip, play any time!

>>Ancient Tribes, a Brand New Adventure!
Dense jungle, fierce beasts, cunning enemies, lead your tribe to survive in this crisis-ridden world!

>>Abyss Descends, Devil Befalls.
The abyss suddenly descends in the world, and the figure of the demon king of hell looms in the abyss. Prepare to repel the invasion of the Abyss!

>>Tribal Contest, The Stronger Wins!
Farming Or plunder? Make your own DECISION! Lead your tribe and climb the top in this contest!

>>Tribal Altar, Pray For Harvest!
The much-anticipated ritual started, but the surrounding tribes are watching intently. Lead your warriors and protect the ritual!

>>Tribal Expedition, Who is the Chief!
Lead the warriors of the tribe, expedition to enemy kingdoms. make thousands of tribes submit to you, let the prestige of the tribe resound throughout the world!