Wonder Valley: Fairy Tale Farm Adventure

Wonder Valley: Fairy Tale Farm Adventure

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  • Required Android: 100+
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  • Published/Updated Date: October 25, 2018


Want to farm like never before? Hey, it’s your day! Here is a game for you to play. It’s much more than just an online farming simulator. It’s a fantasy land of Brothers Grimm tales, full of charm and mystery. Let your adventure begin!

Start building your very own fairy tale farm with a few plots and a bakery crafting structure. Soon you will grow your tiny village into a prosperous township or even a beautiful kingdom with lovely gardens, fields of crops and hay, cattle sheds, castles, and a sea trade port.

How to build the best farm ever? It’s easy! Wonder Valley is a casual game, so the gameplay is super user-friendly and fun. Just plant seeds, harvest crops, feed adorable animals, craft yummy foods and lovely goods, and sell all the produce to cute fairy tale customers.

Start farming and you will meet Gingerbread Man, Puss in Boots, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, the Three Little Piggies, and many other famous characters. Legendary heroes and fantasy creatures will visit your farm every day. Fulfill their orders and get rich! Bathe in gold and diamonds, become king of trade, and decorate your kingdom with the rarest and most amazing wonders. Make your farm lands into eye candy!

But wait, there’s more! While seeding and watching your crops grow, go on glorious farm adventures. An exciting saga of Grimm stories awaits you! Dozens of quests—featuring the fairest princesses and charming princes, evil witches and great kings, cute animals and fantastic beasts—are there to amuse you. Turn Cinderella into a princess, conjure a pumpkin carriage with Fairy Godmother, save Rapunzel from her tower, feed hungry Giant, help a brave knight defeat the Evil Queen and her dragon! Immerse yourself in wonderful stories of love, glory, and adventure. Live the legends and see all the wonders with your own eyes! Who said miracles can’t happen? It’s time to convince yourself otherwise!

Please note that:
- Wonder Valley is a free-to-play online farming game.
- You can play it on all kinds of mobile devices and tablets.
- It is a family-friendly product. Kids will love it!
- You can play with your friends and find new ones.

The game offers:
- versatile farm-managing opportunities
- addictive mechanics like collectible cards, clans, and daily bonuses
- unique and colorful graphics
- hundreds of original crafting and cooking recipes
- cute animals to feed and take care of, including cows, chickens, sheep, rabbits, and geese
- a great variety of crops to harvest
- adorable fairy tale characters to sell goods to
- imaginative story lines
- plenty of in-game ways to help friends and get their help
- fantastic themed decorations to customize your farm, such as a unicorn statue, pixie fountain, leprechaun treasure, Snow Queen castle, and a dwarf house

Play Wonder Valley and become the happiest farmer ever!

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