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Hot summer, mosquitoes are attacking. Disturb my dream, make me worried. --Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasty poets sign jointly.

Have you ever had such an experience? You come home from work as usual, you turn on your computer, you turn on your D drive, you turn on xxx.avi, and you're lost in thought...

When you want to see a movie, humming. When you want to play a game ,humming. When you want to talk, humming...

If you feel upset and have the above confusion and downloaded the game, congratulations...

You're about to be released!

"Zen" is a relaxed, casual and ink wash painting style game. Players need to help the old monk who is practicing meditations and understanding Zen to kill the annoying mosquitoes that disturb him.

In the game, players can unlock different dresses for the monk, or the "Wingman System" that you couldn't even think of, as the game moves forward. If you get tired, you can also quit the game and go for real meditation, experiencing the artistic conception of Zen.

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