Zombie Defense 2 - Classic RTS and modern Tower Defense

Zombie Defense 2 - Classic RTS and modern Tower Defense

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  • - Required Android: Varies with device
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  • - Published/Updated Date: July 24, 2020



Zombie Defense 2 is a  bunch of crazy people trying furiously to find a way home

The Gestapo earlier than they had been dead was once taken genetically modified drugs
Soldiers are converted in zombies then assault the world

A combination concerning traditional RTS or contemporary Tower Defense.
Recruit soldiers, block on and ship to them as much meals for zombies.
Upgrade characters, volley grenades or oil between the adversary in conformity with anneal them, method airstrikes according to mob abroad enemy.
Collecting materials, make items, the usage of stimulants.
The ideal aggregate concerning strategy, strategies and micromanagement.
Earn money beside missions or usage to them in imitation of upgrade thine planes, soldiers, yet art power-up because of them in conformity with get stronger.

Zombie Defense 2 Features :
- forty five missions
- 5 knowledge including much combinations.
- x friendly unit in imitation of recruitment.
- Dozens concerning objects in accordance with upgrade you character
- 18 primary foe types, out of contaminated zombie dog, gradual zombies, in accordance with combat desktop and mad scientist.
- three kinds regarding mutant zombie bosses to bear extra challenges.
- An plane together with the capability to raise an arsenal on weapons
- Extremely husky explosives in imitation of flip zombie within dust
- Oil pool to block zombies with fire
- High respond ability, you execute replay missions in accordance with perfect various types of side quests

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