Zombie Destroyer: Merge & Idle

Zombie Destroyer: Merge & Idle

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  • - Required Android: 7.0 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: June 17, 2021


It’s the year 2048, zombies have taken over the world, and the last few human camps are being slowly devoured with the remaining survivors living in fear.

In order to fight against the zombies, the survivors must continue to evolve and upgrade their weapons, and acquire various skills.

But the zombies are also mutating, spawning giant zombies that are more powerful and harder to destroy. Everyone needs a hero to help them protect their homes!

As the commander, you will lead the few survivors and use the high-tech weapons to defend the last base of mankind. Research and upgrade weapons, strategic defense and efficient use of resources to resist the zombie invasion and defend the survival of mankind!

* Strategically arrange the Destroyer lineup, defeat the invading zombies, and get the gold coins!
* Merge and upgrade the Destroyers, strategically match them to get the best fire power against different enemies!
* Destroyers have fully automated combat system. You can easily idle and receive rewards while offline!

* A casual idle game
Complicated manual control is not required, simply merge and upgrade Destroyers to experience the fun and exciting battles, and solve the "2048" problem!
Receive weapons and diamonds from your reinforcements, in this battle, you are not alone!

* Diverse Strategies and Flexible Combinations
Many kinds of Destroyers! Destroyers with various abilities that give you the best firepower, and combining them will be even more powerful!
All kinds of zombies will be attacking you! Choose your tactic carefully and quick response will make you better in your fight against the dead!

* Pinnacle
Collect gold coins and upgrade the Destroyers. Kill the zombie leader, collect the bounty, and climb the ranking ladder!

* Battle Power
Upgrade the battle attributes of the destroyers constantly and strengthen their combat abilities!

* Various supplies
There are various types of supplies in this game to help you grow quickly, daily check-ins, super supplies, airdrop supplies, and you can become a VIP to enjoy more daily rewards!

The zombies are coming, be prepared for a fight to the death!

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