Zombie Escape APK

Zombie Escape APK

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: April 22, 2020


Welcome to Zombie Escape APK the Doomsday crisis scenes and defense battle experience!

Raging zombie crowds are coming, the burden of defending the city rests on your shoulders!

How far can you go forward?

Do you have the courage and strength to destroy them all? Upgrade your artillery with the money you get from killing waves of zombies.

Travel through time and space to guard different locations from zombies. As you progress through more levels, the challenge of the game will increase!

Come and start your adventure! One thing you have to ask yourself: Can you drive crazy zombies?

Doomsday crisis scenes and battle experience, scary zombie and cute cartoon style, whether you are a rookie on the battlefield or a tower defense god, this game will bring a different tower defense experience.

Arrange your defenses, match your strategy, and destroy the zombies that come in!

Zombie Escape APK Gameplay:
Set up turret defenses, defeat invading zombie monsters, and collect gold coins.
Combine and upgrade turrets, strategically match various turrets to resist different enemies.
Defeat those big bosses and unlock more advanced weapons and technology.
Even with the game closed, your turret is already guarding your home and collecting gold coins, don't forget to come back and upgrade them!

Zombie Escape APK Features :
Fight on-hook, unlimited upgrades.
No need for a lot of manual operation, you just need to synthesize and upgrade your turret to experience the exciting and exciting zombie tower defense battle.

Thousands of level designs
Every level have their own challenges, unlimited upgrades and growth to resist stronger zombies.

Diverse strategies and flexible combinations
Featured turrets take turns, with different functions (machine gun, sniper, electromagnetic, plague, freezing, nuclear bomb, etc ... each turret has unique effects and each has its own magical effect)

Rich monster types and attribute design,
adjust your tactics for each enemy, otherwise you can't stop them.

Rich theme
Rich and unique map scenes waiting for you to unlock (islands, forests, deserts ... each theme contains several different battlefields)
Super technology system, multiply your combat effectiveness.

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