Zombie Hunger 2

Zombie Hunger 2

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: Nov 17, 2022


In this ancient town forgotten by civilization, a large number of zombies appeared.

The player played the role of a cook and opened a restaurant in this ancient town.

Different zombie customers have different needs. They like to eat crunchy fingers, human brain burgers, snail pizza, bats, octopus or other more horrible food.

Cooks need to quickly meet the order needs of zombie customers.

There are also mysterious crows who will come to grab food.

They will occupy all your food, making it impossible for you to run a restaurant. You must kill these hateful crows with shells.

There are also a group of evil spiders that will interfere with zombie customers.

You need to capture these spiders quickly. If you succeed in capturing them, you can get gold coins and masonry rewards.

Zombie Hunger 2 features:
1. All kinds of horrible zombies and food. Players play the role of chefs to run horrible restaurants.
2. Mysterious crows snatch food. Players need to kill crows with cannons to experience the mysterious weapons of cannons.
3. To capture evil spiders, players need to react quickly.
4. All kinds of mysterious and horrible ancient town landscapes are waiting for you to experience
5. There are many different playing methods for you to experience.